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FHLMC series low pressure long bag pulse dust collector

          This product is a low pressure pulse dust collector which is developed to perform large air flow flue gas cleaning on the basis of pulse injection (Jet Pulse) dust removal technology. It does not only have the advantages of stronger dust removal capability then a back flushing bag house precipitator and high dust removal efficiency and low emission concentration etc. It also have the characteristics of reliability; low gas consumption and small floor area and it is specially applicable for handling of large volume flow flue gas. FHLMC series low pressure long bag pulse dust collector has been widely applied globally; it has also been popularized and used in large quantity, it has been applied to purification of normal temperature or high temperature flue gas in the branches of cement industry, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, building material, food machinery, carbon black, shop inside, waste incineration & kiln an recycling of powder material

Advantageous Characteristics:

  1. It has a modern design, it uses a lower gas inlet structure, so the rough high temperature granules directly drop to the dust hopper and thus effectively the filter bag is protected.
  2. It uses long filer bags and it has smaller footprint in case of equal processing capacity, therefore it is more convenient for reconstruction of old factories.
  3. It uses separate chamber offline dust clearing with high efficiency and only few secondary floor dust attachment, additionally it can effectively reduce the equipment energy consumption, the fatigue level of filter bag and pulse valve is correspondingly reduced and the service life of filter bag and vane is prolonged by several times, so equipment operation cost is remarkably reduced.
  4. The overhaul and bag replacement can be carried out for separate chambers under the condition that system blower and system run normally.
  5. The filter bag inlet used spring tension structure, it is convenient to disassemble & assemble and it has good tightness.
  6. The casing uses airtight design and it carries out leak detecting with oil and reduces air leaking to the maximum extent.
  7. The whole set of equipment is controlled by PLC to realize automatic dust cleaning, dust removal, automatic temperature control and over temperature alarm.

PLN SANGGAU 2x7 MW, kalimantan barat, bag pulse dust collector
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