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Pneumatic Conveying


Products features :

Based on the introduction of the technology of the domestic and overseas, the FHLFB series of fuel sealing pump is a new type research and development of low pressure pneumatic conveying equipment aimed at the existing problems of various types of pneumatic conveying equipments. This product has already widely been applied in the conveying of electric power ash cleaning, cement homogenizing and reverse transferring and the conveying of diverse powder fuel. FHLFB fuel sealing pump uses a fuel sealing pump to convey supplanting 2 silo pumps and reduce the cost of ash conveying equipments. All the power is coming from a roots-blower and this reduces the pressure of air supply and conserves the air consumption capacity and drastically reduces the motor power; This series of product is easy operation and low work strength and low cost maintenance, low pressure of conveying and good performance of equipment sealing, reliable operation and clean environment with no pollution.

Work Principle :

The fuel sealing pump is composed of diffusion room, pump body, and moveable air tube and the implementation mechanism, the low pressure air passes through the air inlet tube and pump body and then enters into the diffusion room. When the high speed gas flow passes through pump body, it gasifies the materials surrounding the nozzles. Then leaving the nozzles, the gas flow enters into the diffusion room and forms the negative pressure between the nozzles and the diffusion room and the gasified material is absorbed into the fuel conveying tube and is lifted into the unloading fuel point by the high speed of gas flow.



Products features :

Low energy consumption. The ash ratio reaches 10-15 kg/kg during the low positive pneumatic conveying.

The system is safe and reliable. Due to the continuous feeding of the conveying pump, no valves are required on the material outlets and ash pipes. Thus there are no components subject to wear and tear. Small investment of the system, low cost of annual operation & maintenance, and simple system compositions and little components. The investment of gas source is only 1/3 of the screw air operation. There is no need specialized operators. High level of system centered control.



Products features :

This system introduced the technology and experience and forms a kind of reliable pneumatic conveying system through the scientific and systematical regulation and completion. This system has high ash air ratio and less gas consumption and low speed of conveying with highly reduced abrasion of tubes.

Work principle :

Feeding material : The feeding valve and air discharging valve are opened and drop to the pump and then the material touches the level gauge. Then the feeding and air discharging valves are closed and the material feeding is stopped.

Fluidization pressure : open the air inlet valve is opened and the compressed air enters into the pump and the material is fully fluidized and the air pressure in the pump accelerates.

Conveying : The pressure in the pump reaches the certain value. The material outlet valve is opened and the conveying is started.

Purging : Finish the material conveying in the pump and continues the air connection for some time and then close the air inlet valve. With some intervals, close the material outlet valve and open the material inlet valve and finish a time of conveying circulation