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Gate Valve

Model Schedule Illustration

Special requirement code: Body, bonner bolt - jointed structure (default) Hs-body, bonnet welded structure Ps-pressure sealed structure D-low temperature valve B-bellows valve E-body extended-end valve

Code of aperture: DN

Valve type code: ZGate ValveJGlobe valveHCheck valve

Driving manner code: 3Worm gear worm4Spur gear5Bevel gear6Air driving9Electric driving(Hand wheel driving omitted)

Connecting type code: 6—Welding 8—Bear and insert welding 

Design feature code: 0—Flexible wedge 2—DoubIe gate

Sealing formation code: H—13Cr Y—Stellite

Pressure grade code: 1500Lb2000Lb2500Lb3000Lb3500Lb

Body material code: C—WCB C1-WC1I-WC6V-WC9C12-C12A

For example:8"Z960Y1500LbC9
Note:8'-1500Lb welded-end electric gate valve(manually actuation's code is omitted),the sealing face material of elastic wedge disc Stellite, body material Wc9.


Product Design Features

Actuation modes:manual,electric,spur and bevel gear,pneumatic actuations,please make it clear at order.

Weld-connected gate valve and stop valve are suitable for the pipeline of PN1.6~32.0MPa,P54/100V~P57/170V,a working temperature <= 540°C (570°C for P57/170V) in various systems of petroleum. chemical industry, steam power, hydraulic cut off and get through the medium. The suitable media are: water, steam, oil goods, acid media and so on.

Conforms with the requirements of the domestic and foreign advanced standards.The middle cavity of the valve uses the pressure self-tightening sealing structure,the two ends of the branch pipe use welded structure and the welded groove can be connected per eight the standard or the required one by users.Of a reliable seal,good performance and nice modeling.

The sealing faces of both disc and seat ring are made by means of means of built-up welding with either iron-based alloy or Stellite Co-based carbide alloy upon different requirements,wearable,high temperature resisting,corrosin resisting,good friction resisting and long duration.

The stem,after the modified and surface nitriding treatment,has a good friction and corrosin resistance and a back-seal structure to ensure the valve no leak outward from the stem when opened during running and able to replace the stem packing.

The valves with a large or a middle apertures can use the internal by-pass structure and be set with a rolling bearing and a thrust bearing, resulting in flexible open-close.

The electric stop valve is fitted with SMC valve electric actuator,features a small casing,light weight,full functions and a nice outlook and can be used either with a program controlled computer or an electric actuator upon the user requirement.




Main Parameter of the products


Products performance specification

Gate valve

Technical specification

Major parts material form

DIN Cast steel gate valve

Technical specification

Major parts material form

API Cast steel gate valve

Technical specification

Major parts material form


Forged steel gate valve

Technical specification

Major parts material form

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